Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a annual and worldwide event to help save our earth, which is organized by the WWF(World Wildlife Foundation). This year Earth Hour is occurring on March 28, from 8:30 to 9:30. In this period of time people turn off all there lights, and anyone can participate. In 2014, there were over 7,000 participating cities and 127 participating countries. Although this event will not greatly impact our environment, it will raise awareness which will lead to positive effects to our environment. I think this event is important, because it brings awareness about climate change and environmental sustainability all around the world.Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 4.24.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 4.24.46 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 4.25.06 PM

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The Curious Incident of the Literature Circle

Literature Circle Discussion

Right now I am reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, and I recently had a literature circle/discussion with some of my classmates about this book. Your task is to digitally analyze your literature circle discussion.  In this discussion I learned many things such as themes and signposts they have noticed, predictions they had and more. In this literature circle I think I added thoughtful comments, instead of lots of unuseful comments, but I think I could contribute more to the literature circle. I think I should talk up more in the our discussions about this book. This video will help me improve and reflect upon my literature circles, because I will be able to see and hear the way I can contribute to our discussions. I will be able to watch the way I act and have a visual representation of myself. I won’t have to  suggest to myself how to improve in these discussions from my memory, I can make suggestions to myself from this video. Like I said earlier, I think that I should speak up more in the discussions. I also think I should prepare more before the discussions so my comments can be more beneficial to my group. Overall, I think that making this video will positively affect my/our literature circles in the future.

Activity 2|Student Blogging Challenge|

This is something that I wrote at the end of seventh grade:

As I lay in the bright green grass, I can feel the peacefulness of the meadow. I can hear the many birds chirping and the bumble bees buzzing. I look up and she clouds of all shapes and sizes. But I don’t see confusion or disappointment, I don’t see responsability. I wish I never had to see it, but at least I get to appreciate the moment of peace. I soon hear faint footsteps and I realize that the real world wants me back. As the footsteps become louder and louder, I try to capture every last moment of clarity. When I can see the foot making the persistent noise, I am almost angry that I can’t just lay here forever.

“What are you doing?” asked the familiar voice, who happened to be my best friend.

“I am waiting,” I replied.

“For what?”

“I am waiting until I forget,” I said in all honestly.

“Come on,” she muttered while grabbing my arm and pulling me up.

As she drags me back to the city of disappointing daughters. I don’t know what to say to my father after I disobeyed him the way I did. All my life my father told me I had to be a doctor. My family has a long line of doctors, about 7 generations, but I do not want to be a doctor. I really want to be an artist, and I tried to explain this to my father. He says that I will be poor, but I don’t care if I am poor or rich, I will be doing what I love. Art makes me feel like I am writing a journal, it makes me feel like I am expressing myself in a way that words can’t even do.

When I finally prepare myself with reasons upon reasons of why I want to be an artist, I know that I am ready. My father will have to learn that I cannot be molded to his standard of a “perfect” daughter.

We Were Liars|Final Blog Post|

While reading We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, I annotated signposts, observations,

wonders and questions, theories, important details,  predictions, themes and more. I take all these notes by writing in the book with; highlighters, pens and pencils. Occasionally I would use sticky notes to write down important parts of the story. When I had ideas I wanted to bring to my group literature circles, I would write them down in my RRJ(reading response journal). Even though I annotate about many things, I always end up writing or highlighting mostly about big ideas and signposts. I think that these are very important literary elements, because the big ideas are the main part of the story and signpost cover all details and the author’s objective. When I annotate, I notice those specific things, because there are what interest me the most. For example; I annotate about characters and their actions, because I find why characters do the things they do very fascinating. Another example of this is when I annotate about predictions. I am always very interested about what is going to happen next and coming up with as many theories as I can about what will happen to the characters and the plot.

While reading We Were Liars I had the theory that E. Lockhart was trying to show that Cadence’s family was weird, crazy or different, but in the end that is what Cadence was acting like. While reading the book the author talks about the family like they are manipulating and lying to Cadence, but in reality they are trying to protect her from the truth. For example, in summer ‘17 Cadence talks about how she is in love with Gat, and her mom acts weird like she is hiding something. In reality Gat is dead and she is in love with a ghost or a hallucination. While reading this part of the book, I thought that her mom was acting very strange like something was wrong with her. When you find out the truth you have the ‘AHA Moment’ and realize Cadence was the “strange” one.

Another theory I had was that Cadence was dreaming all of her summer ‘17 in a mental hospital. In an earlier blog post of mine, I said, “In the book she uses metaphoric language, and describes what happens as if it was a dream. I wonder if the author will end the book with a major plot twist of Cadence imagining Beechwood,Gat, her family members, and her accident. Another theory my group had, similar to the last, was that Cadence was a mental patient and she truly believed that was her life.” This prediction was made when I was reading the pages up to 156. The main reason

I thought that Cadence was dreaming were the many extreme metaphors and exaggerated stories she told. For example,  “It was love, and it hit me so hard I leaned against the screen door that still stood between us, just to stay vertical. I wanted to touch him like he was a bunny, a kitten, something so special and soft your fingertips can’t leave it alone. The universe was good because he was in it.” This was on (5.39). In a past blog I wrote about this quote,  “Then he pulled out a hand gun and shot me in the chest. I was standing on the lawn and I fell. The bullet hole opened wide and my heart rolled out of my chest and down into a flower bed. Blood gushed rhythmically from my open wound, then from my eyes, my ears, my mouth.” This quote demonstrates the types of metaphors Cadence explains, and it was excerpts like these that made me think she was dreaming different situations.

Overall, on a scale of 1-10, I rate this book a 9. I rate this book a 9 and not a 10, because it is not my favorite book, and there are things I wish I could change.I thoroughly enjoyed this book, because of the characters, plot, themes and unpredictable ending. I am really glad I got the chance to read this great book.

Literature Circle|We Were Liars| Up to Page 156|

In the discuss we talked about themes, predictions, and other things we have noticed. We talked about why we thought Gat didn’t contact Cadence after she had her accident. My group thinks that Gat maybe wasn’t physically able to contact her. In the pages I read recently Cadence remembers bits and pieces of what happened before her accident, and I think maybe Gat couldn’t talk to her because he was in the fire. In the pages we recently read, Cadence started to remember what happened the year of the accident, and our group discussed this. Then our group predicted that the whole book could be Cadence’s dream, and she will eventually wake up and it will all be gone. In the book there are many metaphors that she carries out for a very long time.

For example on page 5 Cadence says, “Then he pulled out a hand gun and shot me in the chest. I was standing on the lawn and I fell. The bullet hole opened wide and my heart rolled out of my chest and down into a flower bed. Blood gushed rhythmically from my open wound,

then from my eyes,

my ears,

my mouth. ”

In the book she uses metaphoric language, and describes what happens as if it was a dream. I wonder if the author will end the book with a major plot twist of Cadence imagining Beechwood, Gat, her family members, and her accident. Another theory my group had, similar to the last, was that Cadence was a mental patient and she truly believed that was her life. We, my group and I, have all predicted and created theories, but what we do know is that Cadence forgives people who have betrayed her or treated her poorly. For example, Gat didn’t contact her and she easily forgave him when she arrived at Beechwood Island. Similar to Gat, Mirren and Johnny didn’t contact her at all after her accident and she forgave them very quickly. I wonder why Cadence can trust people who have mistreated her. In the next literature circle, I hope to hear more theories and predictions, themes and what people have learned.

We Were Liars Response

In class I have been reading the book, “We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart. Last night my group and I had to read to page 54/chapter 20. The main character is named Cadence Sinclair. Every summer her mom, dad, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and some family friends went to their private island called Beechwood Island. When she was 14 her dad left her and her mom, and this was very hard for them. That summer they went to Beechwood, and Cadence met her cousins friend named Gat. As the summer progressed, they fell in love. The next summer, summer 15, Cadence found out that Gat had a girlfriend in New York. Cadence felt really bad, but they eventually rekindled their loving relationship. At the end of the summer, Cadence decided to go for a swim, for an unknown season, and she hit her head on the rocks. She had to be taken to the hospital, and afterwards was diagnosed with PTHD(post dramatic headaches). She ended her summer at Beechwood short and went back to her house in Vermont. She tried to contact her family and Gat, but they never responded. After the accident, her dad came back. The summer of when she was 16, her dad and her traveled in Europe. The next summer her dad wanted her to go to Australia, but she wants to go back to Beechwood. I wonder where she is going to spend her summer 17.

Of Mice and Men- Chapter 1 Lit Circle

Right now my class is reading Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, and we are going to have literature circles to discuss the first chapter. In literature circles, we talk about underlying themes of the book, interesting things we have noticed, and share our thoughts of the writing with a few of our other classmates. I think literature circles are very helpful for developing a deeper understanding of books and other types of writing. Literature circles also allow students to talk about their theories and predictions for whatever they are reading. Personally, I enjoy lit circles, because you can hear other peoples thoughts and discuss important topics in books.

In the literature circle for the first chapter Of Mice and Men I will want to talk about observations I have made and questions I have. In the book I have noticed that John Steinbeck likes to use descriptive language to describe the setting. In the beginning and end of the chapter Steinbeck talks about the beautiful scenery and animals, and I wonder why he does this. George and Lennie are very different people. Lennie is big and dumb, but a good worker, and George is small and smart, but a bad worker. I wonder how the fact that they are opposite will affect/effect them in the future. George and Lennie have a very close relationship, and I wonder why they have such a strong bond. Are they siblings or related in another way?

ATP Interview

What makes me happiest is being with my friends and family. I have  a mom and dad, and, even though they are divorced, they still are friends, and they get along. My 17 year old brother and I alternate together between my mom’s and dad’s houses. My brother and I get along, even though we fight sometimes. I think that family is very important because they are the people who will love you no matter what happens. I think a perfect family would be when everybody loves each other. My earliest memory as a child is from when I was 6 months old. My grandma would sing to me, and I would laugh at her, and then it would make her laugh. As an 8th grader my favorite subject is science. I really like science because I like learning how everything works and why things do what they do. I think school is important because it sets you up for a job, and it gives you a better chance of getting a good job. What bothers me most about myself is when I forget to do something important or forget to bring something I need to take somewhere. I get most of my information from school, family, friends, and the internet. I use my phone for communicating with my friends and family. I also watch TV. I think the most important one of these is my phone, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to communicate with my friends outside of school unless I was with them.


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